Thanks to the Russian MISHKA DJ for this review of The FUNKATRONICKISS EP! 🇷🇺 I'm not and I've never wanted to be a DJ, I'm just a musician who tries to offer his own vision to others but I want to thank the entire community of international DJs who love electronic music and play and support my music and my style of making music!

Below is the English and Italian translation of the review by MISHKA DJ:

The Italian project D.In.Ge.Cc.O, at the beginning of last week, published its new mini-album "The Funkatronickiss" on the WASTE NOISE label, inspired by the Berlin nightlife and this is a great thing for those who are familiar with minimalist house music and its darker and industrial sides.

Hypnotic rhythms in loops, bass in the background, an abstract melody and the maximum space for experimentation during a club set. Unfortunately, only one of the tracks is presented on soundcloud and you can listen to the entire EP completely on spotify, which is not yet known when it will be legally released in Russia.

Il progetto italiano D.In.Ge.Cc.O, all'inizio della scorsa settimana, ha pubblicato il suo nuovo mini-album "The Funkatronickiss" sull'etichetta WASTE NOISE, ispirato alla vita notturna di Berlino e questa è una grande cosa per coloro che conoscono bene la musica minimalista house e i suoi lati più oscuri e industriali. Ritmi ipnotici in ​​loop, basso in sottofondo, una melodia astratta e il massimo spazio per la sperimentazione durante un set da club. Sfortunatamente, solo una delle tracce è presentata su soundcloud e puoi ascoltare l’intero EP completamente solo su spotify che ancora non è certo quando sarà diffuso legalmente in Russia.

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Two unreleased tracks and two alternative versions of "Birthday will exist 4 ever" the single extracted from the new LP by D.In.Ge.Cc.O entitled "G" released last May 20th. When it's 3 am, Berlin brings out its true soul. The sounds become dark, electric and industrial. The futuristic discos that once were old factories or abandoned warehouses sink into a dark atmosphere from which a minimal cry emerges. The song fully represents this style by becoming the interpreter of a deep sound that is already a classic of the genre. The second track that the artist dedicates to the unique Berlin atmospheres, opens with a dark melancholy and dreamy atmosphere. Then an hypnotic and engaging bass line takes over, accompanied by a typically club house beat. Slowly the atmosphere becomes more rarefied and a typically jazz rhythmic takes over and gives space to a piano hypnotic melody that almost seems to want to sing...

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The first alternative version of the single “Birthday will exist 4 ever” is a reinterpretation in a purely dance house of the song. The atmosphere that is created is immediately engaging and frenetic, characterized by a bass line typically in an Italian house style, with very hot and very minimal and electric voices and samples overlapping. The groove stops towards the middle of the song, giving way to a sweet and hypnotic melody with the flute and then starting again even more incisive and engaging than before capable of involving and unleashing every type of dancefloor. A tribute to the recent venture made in the boxing world by the new Mexican heavyweight champion...



They already talk about it as 4 classic house music tracks! ✌🏼unreleased tracks inspired by the unique armosphere of the city of Berlin. ✌🏿alternate vertions of “Birthday will exist 4 ever”. Not just simple remixes but 2 new reinterpretations of the song. Preorder now on Beatport! Stay tuned to learn more! ☮

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