D.In.Ge.Cc.O. is a project created by composer and artist Gianluca D’Ingecco. Gianluca D'ingecco has always been passionate about electronic music, growing in contact with all that is creativity and art, in every field. He has been studying piano and harmony privately since the age of six and composes sonatas for piano at an early age. Parallel to the passion for music cultivates the passion for literature and publishes two books, the first of Poems entitled Domani niente sarà più lo stesso (Tomorrow nothing will be the same) published by Lalli publisher.

The second book, is a sociological and philosophical analysis, across the board, which starting from the complexity of a character like Franco Battiato(the famous Italian singer and artist), develops with philosophical and sociological considerations and the theory of music and "song". The title of the book is “Mondo Abbattiato” published by Colibri Editore. Simultaneously with his passion for literature, his passion for technology and music led him to the knowledge and study of synthesizers and digital music, giving particular emphasis to the expressiveness that can be represented with these instruments.

In 2013 D'Ingecco published his first LP entitled Y.S.I.L.F.U. which arouses great interest in the undergroud scene of Italian innovative and indie music. This will be followed by the publication of an EP with remixes of the single CLOUDS STOP. Those tracks of the remix single were included in several electronic music compilations. After this D.In.Ge.Cc.O. has published two other unreleased tracks in the collection called Bigs of Bear.

In 2014, during a trip to the U.S., D.In.Ge.Cc.O. began a research and inspiration work in what were the temples of house music and pop culture in particular in Chicago and New York. This path will then evolve with trips to Europe and will give life to the new musical project called G.